Paul Kerchen

I met Paul while nomming on some chicken and rice. I was sitting in the kitchen of my office when Paul walked in. I’d seen him in the office before but had never actually met up. It turns out that his old office had burned down due to a fire. As a result, his team had to find some temporary space while they searches for  new office space.

The company that Paul works for is Realtime Technologies. The company builds out simulation software, specifically driving simulators. I do believe they have other simulators but I can’t seem to remember right now.

Paul is a super friendly software developer who specializes in C++. He was born in Michigan, moved to California, and then came back to the glorious mitten state. We had conversation that spanned the moral decisions that humans are going to need to make in the upcoming years due to technology to the fact that raising children in the internet is very scary. Actually, that was probably just me that was scared.

Near the end of our conversation, I took a bite out of my dinner that was covered in sriracha hot sauce. I then started uncontrollably coughing because the sriracha hot sauce had kissed my tonsil. You know that feeling when you choke on your own spit and can’t stop coughing? It was like that except with hot sauce.

Damn you sriracha.