This was an interesting meet. There’s a nutrition store down the road from me that I’ve been going to for years. It was the first place I bought whey. I remember it fondly. 16 year old 260 lb me walked into Edge Nutrition when looking for some protein to lose weight. I was greeted by two rather muscular men. One of them was Dominic. I always knew him but had actually never met him before. This was maybe six years ago when I first started going there.

Fast forward to today. I was feeling quite shitty this day for some reason. I can’t remember off the top of my head right now, but I do remember feeling crappy.

I walked into Edge with the intention of meeting someone that worked there and to buy some supplement.

When I got in, I walked to the creatine section and couldn’t find what I was looking for… but I knew that I had to meet someone…

My nerves got the best of me and I started pacing around the store trying to find the perfect time to walk up to one of the employees and meet them. I’m pretty sure they started getting nervous because I was pacing back and forth without buying anything. They asked me several times if I needed help.

I decided to try and meet the owner of Edge. I walked up to Dominic and asked him if I could meet the owner. He asked why and I explained that I like learning from entrepreneurs and meeting them. This was while my voice was sounding very feeble. Some how the fact that I’m a web developer came up and he told me he had been looking for a web developer for the past week. He and his partner are planning to sell 9mm bullets. They had a shop and factory ready. They were waiting on their licence to sell from the government and needed a website ready so they could sell the bullets.

We planned a meeting for next week.

A week passed and I met him, his business partner and his business partners wife. After an hour of discussion, we started chit chatting about ourselves and I found out that the business partners wife was actually my mom’s old boss from years ago. She knew I looked familiar and couldn’t quite pick out how she knew me… Mystery solved! She had seen me as a child when I would go to work with my mom.

You never know who you will meet if you don’t go out and meet them :)