Amelia Beamer

I met Amelia in the office I co work in. She is a graduate from Michigan State who has been traveling the world for the past two years writing awesome books and doing freelance editorial work for a Japanese novel company. Places she’s been to range from Australia, United Kingdom, Iceland, and a handful of other countries that I can’t remember at this moment.

She’s a digital nomad. I’ve read about these mythical beings but have never actually met an actual in the flesh vagabond. Today I did and it was wonderful.

Here’s her personal blog where she writes about her experiences:

We chatted for an hour or so. Topics ranged from Amelia’s travels to writing to spiritual talk and the ego. Two profound topics that really struck me was the topic of what you can do when you’re an adult that no one has told you.

They are:

  • You can ask for stuff.
  • You can talk to strangers.

These are two realizations that I’ve had but I’ve never met someone who had the same realizations. I felt ecstatic talking about and sharing experiences about these two unwritten rules in the handbook of being an adult. It opened the door to my true self. The pure self that isn’t bullied by the ego. The self that wants to share love and abundance with the world.

For at least several weeks now, I’ve been “asleep.” Walking around like a zombie. I didn’t feel alive. The thing is, I don’t realize I’ve been asleep until I wake up. Today I woke up again. I haven’t felt this alive in weeks. Maybe months.

My dreams of world travel have slowly been fading away into my day to day life. It’s sad to even write that here. But today they were sparked again. My hippie self  and dreams were awaken today.

Thank you Amelia.